Dental Equipment MFG

The Challenge:

PPF was supplied with tooling that when used yielded a chronic defect

Our customer’s expectation was to design-out the defect while preserving the end product, fit, form, and function for a highly cosmetic application.

PPF’s solution, design for manufacturability:

  • Model the existing part's geometry and gating system
  • Simulate the casting process to establish baseline condition
  • Establish correlation between actual and simulated situation
  • Modify CAD geometry and tooling design using casting simulation to verify the elimination of the defect

“PPF achieved the customer’s goal of designing out the defect, while also increasing productivity and improving delivery performance.”

Sports Equipment

The Challenge:

PPF was challenged to design a cast geometry for a pitching machine frame that could be produced economically and marketed to high-end retailers

PPF’s solution, fabrication to casting design:

  • PPF designed in CAD a cast geometry and presented to client
  • PPF built the tooling and produced the casting

“PPF was able to design and cast an aestethically pleasing geometry that was more cost effective than the supplied fabrication.”


Heavy Truck Case 1

The Challenge:

PPF identified a heavy steel weldment in the assembly of a truck exhaust system

Understanding that the truck assembly was both weight and cost sensitive, PPF designed a cast geometry four pounds lighter and less costly to produce.

PPF’s solution, fabrication to casting conversion:

  • Worked within boundary conditions and application loading information and boundary conditions, PPF designed an alternative geometry and
  • Designed an alternative geometry
  • Verified the part's castability

“PPF was able to achieve an overall reduction in part mass as well as our customer’s acquisition cost.”

Heavy Truck Case 2

The Challenge:

PPF was supplied with a drawing of a fabricated geometry and challenged to design a fuel tank step bracket that was more cost effective to produce

PPF’s solution, fabrication to casting conversion:

  • Designed casting geometry in CAD
  • Proofed the durability with stress analysis
  • Proofed the castability and gating design with casting simulation
  • Verified with a simulation that we can keep porosity out of critical areas

“Since the proposed cast bracket has nearly the same safety factor as the more expensive fabricated bracket we recommended replacing the existing bracket with the PPF-cast bracket.”


Heavy Truck Case 3

The Challenge:

Cast a lightweight geometry with a shaft of high bending strength and resistance to shearing

PPF’s solution, cast-in component:

  • The bulk of the geometry was cast aluminum with grade 8 steel shaft cast in place
  • Benefits: by casting component in place, we avoid the additional steps of machining and installation of the shaft.

“Molding inserts within the casting is cost-effective and ensures a sound installation."